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How do you create an app for Mercury that needs to stand out from the crowd, drive loyalty and create meaningful engagement?



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Customer Journey design
UX research & design
UI/Visual design
Design system/pattern library
API integration
iOS native app development
Android native app development

2019 TVNZ Marketing Awards (currently nominated)
2019 Best Design Awards (currently nominated)

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What we delivered.

We designed and built a wonderful mobile app that enables customers to earn rewards, make their own power and travel cheaper—exceeding all expectations of an energy self-service application.

With up to 20 interactions that any Mercury customer could have in a month, the app delivered multiple touch points in their overarching CX strategy. These touch points were organised around their three brand pillars: ‘Inspire’, ‘Reward’, and ‘Make it Easy’ to create emotional and memorable moments that drove talk-ability and share-ability, whilst creating positive associations with the brand.

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We reward customers for using their own human energy

Our goal was to do the basics well and offer a true value exchange. So, we created a new rewards currency. Building on Mercury's new ‘Energy Made Wonderful’ brand promise, we enabled customers to earn Mercury Dollars (equivalent to one NZD or Airpoint™) by challenging them to use their own human energy. Customers are rewarded for getting fit—walking down their bill or travel costs. In connecting to the phone pedometer, we’re able to track, measure and reward their physical activity, with animated dials displaying real-time step-count progress.

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Fill your lake

Your Mercury Dollars balance is visually represented as a fluid lake level—a nod to Mercury’s long heritage with the Waikato River. Its hydro system is essential to their 100% renewable generation sources.

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Customers can then instantly apply Mercury Dollars to their bill, or exchange them for Airpoints™.

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iOS and Android app development

Built on native iOS and Android, it connects directly into Mercury’s core systems, enabling instant authentication, currency exchanges, billing and usage information, and a simple friend-get-friend mechanic. We managed to create a seamless real-time experience, built on a number of new and legacy systems.

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The results

With over 1 billion steps recorded in the first year alone, Mercury Go is engaging customers in new and wonderful ways. It is fast becoming the preferred channel for customer interaction — with far more average sessions per customer than the website or contact centre.

Head of Brand and Marketing, Ben Harvey-Lovell, said the app was another way to bring Energy made Wonderful to life for Mercury customers.

“We wanted to make it easy for customers to self-serve through the app — check their usage, pay their bills, and do all of the important things — but we also wanted to inspire them to interact with us more often through the challenges.”

“Our goal is to be the leading energy brand in New Zealand, and to achieve that goal we need to design experiences that customers love. The app is a way for us to get customers thinking about Mercury when they’re doing fun things like exercise, and get rewarded for their efforts.”

Our team continue to partner with Mercury’s internal product owners on a prioritised roadmap of continuous improvements, with monthly release cycles.

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