Our approach

Everything we do is based on years of experience. Our approach has matured and refined, and we know it works. If you follow our process, we can guarantee your project is delivered on time and budget.

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Have you heard this before? “That wasn’t in scope.”

Data shows that Clients and Agencies have less than a 50% chance of a successful project. There's no single reason for this, but more often than not, it's driven by a disconnect between optimistic salespeople and the inevitable realities of delivery.

Everyone goes into new projects hoping or thinking it will go well with an apparent understanding of the scope.

The actual understanding of scope is more complex or straightforward—it's just almost always different from initially thought.

This approach leads to tricky conversations around budget, timeframes and scope. And if you layer in the inevitable feelings of frustration, stress and repetitional damage, it's all a bit grim.

A human-centred approach to delivery

Our mission is simple: Do good by our team, do good by our clients, and deliver great work.

This starts by being dependable and reliable. It also means making people's lives less miserable. Misery, more often than not, is driven by poor decision-making.

There is a better way to approach project delivery. And it's a way we've been refining since 2005. It's focused solely on delivering the best outcomes for our clients and ensuring everyone—our clients and our team—is supported and empowered to deliver their best work.

We call it, The Catch Way.

And if you follow our approach, we can guarantee delivery on time and budget.

The Catch Way follows three simple rules.

Process is everything

Over the past 19 years in business, we’ve worked on many digital projects. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Our process has matured and been refined, and it can’t fail when followed. If our clients follow this process, we can guarantee delivery on time and within budget.

We never assume

Projects fail when assumptions are made. Loose requirements lead to timeline and budget blowouts, and loose requirements come from making assumptions rather than diving into the details. Our process removes all assumptions and ensures everyone on the project has a failsafe understanding of every aspect of the solution, down to the tiniest details.

We’re all one team

The project team combines Catch and client people—a shared effort. We discover as a team. Ideate as a team. Solution as a team. Scope as a team. And deliver as a team. No silos. No handovers. We're all in this together. Through working collaboratively, our clients understand what we’re delivering and are empowered to shape the scope and solution.

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