Our people

We’re a clever group of design thinkers, creatives and technologists across two offices in Auckland and Wellington.

Photo of Aaron Latham-Anderson, Technical Director

Aaron Latham-Anderson

Technical Director

Photo of Aaron Meredith, Technical Lead

Aaron Meredith

Technical Lead

Photo of Alex Chen, Senior Android Developer

Alex Chen

Senior Android Developer

Photo of Alex Grover, General Manager - Wellington

Alex Grover

General Manager - Wellington

Photo of April Maghirang, Test Analyst

April Maghirang

Test Analyst

Photo of Artem Novitckii, Front-end Developer

Artem Novitckii

Front-end Developer

Photo of Ben Harvey-Lovell, Strategy Director

Ben Harvey-Lovell

Strategy Director

Photo of Cameron Grant, Senior Full-stack Developer

Cameron Grant

Senior Full-stack Developer

Photo of Carl Jackson, General Manager - Auckland

Carl Jackson

General Manager - Auckland

Photo of Cody Dunstan-Brown, UX/UI Designer

Cody Dunstan-Brown

UX/UI Designer

Photo of Dani Wright, Design Lead

Dani Wright

Design Lead

Photo of David Fleming, UX/UI Designer

David Fleming

UX/UI Designer

Photo of Emma Stone, Design Director

Emma Stone

Design Director

Photo of Fran Cummings, Senior Digital Producer / People Lead

Fran Cummings

Senior Digital Producer / People Lead

Photo of Gabby Pittar, UX/UI Designer

Gabby Pittar

UX/UI Designer

Photo of Gareth White, Senior Front-end Developer

Gareth White

Senior Front-end Developer

Photo of Georgia Caveney, Producer

Georgia Caveney


Photo of Hamish Stevenson, CEO/Creative Director

Hamish Stevenson

CEO/Creative Director

Photo of Inga Boyd, Senior Producer

Inga Boyd

Senior Producer

Photo of Lie-an Quintos, Lead iOS Developer

Lie-an Quintos

Lead iOS Developer

Photo of Matt Hobbs, Commercial Director

Matt Hobbs

Commercial Director

Photo of Quentin Fogarty, Senior Front-end Developer / People Lead

Quentin Fogarty

Senior Front-end Developer / People Lead

Photo of Sam Etheridge, Technical lead

Sam Etheridge

Technical lead

Photo of Sonia Wang, UX/UI Designer

Sonia Wang

UX/UI Designer

Photo of Steffan Gait, Senior Digital Project Manager

Steffan Gait

Senior Digital Project Manager