Digital design

We design award-winning digital products and customer experiences that are beautiful and functional, which solve real problems and help our clients establish, grow and nurture their connections with customers.

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We’re obsessed with design

For people to complete tasks quickly and easily, it requires carefully considered design decisions driven by real human insight, unwavering attention to detail and a desire to deliver a great experience that delights.

If somebody wants to buy, join, or interact with something digitally, it should be as intuitive and frictionless as possible. Because while humans are complex beings, we're incredibly intolerant of complex product and service experiences.

Every experience we design is insight-driven, carefully considered, crafted and polished to deliver seamless digital interactions that enhance your brand's reputation and provide the business outcomes that matter.

Our talented design team can help you with product design, visual identity design, digital style guides, service design, CX and UX design across web and app platforms.

Various screenshots of the IAMMI mobile app.

User experience (UX) design

How a person interacts with your services and products is at the heart of good UX design. It's about understanding who they are, their needs, environment, connectivity, how often they interact with you and most importantly, what tasks they are trying to do by understanding intent.

Our team of expert UX designers will make your experience more human, a joy to use, and meet customers' needs with surprise, delight, simplicity, and elegance.

Whether it's a light touch or a more comprehensive UX approach you're after, our team approaches every design challenge with empathy and curiosity, ensuring the voice of your customer is at the heart of everything we do throughout the lifecycle of a project and beyond.

Photo of people writing on a whiteboard in the Catch Design Wellington office.

Customer experience (CX) design

According to Forrester, customers will pay 4.5 times more if the customer experience (CX) is good. They also said that those companies who provide excellent customer experience expand much faster than those who don't.

Customer experience is about how your customers perceive or feel about the interactions they have with your company or organisation across all the various touch points they have with you.

Our team can help you map these journeys out, compare you with your competitors, identify where improvements are needed, design a gold-class customer-led standard and build an exceptional customer experience that will delight, drive loyalty and increase value over time.

Image of the IAMMI app.

Design systems

The planet now has billions of websites and apps—Google has said 3,739 new apps are being added to the Play Store alone daily! And everyone is designing digital products and services at such a pace now that product teams must rapidly streamline their workflow and create modern, robust ways to develop at scale.

A design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear CX standards and UX principles, that can be assembled together to build any number of digital layouts, journeys and experiences. They include a responsive grid framework, accessible web colours, typography, iconography, illustrations, photography, UI components and elements, interactions and animations.

Our team are experts at designing, fixing, maturing and maintaining design systems for some of New Zealand's most prominent brands and can help you on this journey today.

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Mobile app design

We love mobile apps and partner with some of New Zealand's most well-known brands, designing and building their mobile app experiences. There's a high chance you regularly use an app created by our team at Catch.

We are experts at designing products that dramatically improve self-service, increase engagement, and reduce customer churn. Whether it's using augmented reality, in-built health kits or location services, we intimately understand the intersection between software, hardware and great UX.

Whatever your goals may be, reducing friction, increasing engagement, or launching a brand campaign or product, we can help you create a mobile app experience that is fun, entertaining and brand-defining.

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Responsive website design

Great website design culminates evidence-based customer research, content strategy and organisational insight. This foundation helps us bring your brand to life through a fluid, responsive design approach.

Thousands of devices are being used worldwide, and the list continues growing yearly. With web browsers in phones, tablets, cars, fridges and desktop computers, our job is to design and build robust, resilient and inclusive user interfaces (UI) that everyone can enjoy, regardless of viewport size, connection speed and environment.

Modern CSS and browser technology allow us to design and build user experiences using all the tools and technologies available with modern web browsers. Our design team are experts in responsive web design and will ensure your website scales and resizes gracefully, providing your customers with a frictionless, consistent experience across all devices, viewports and browsers.

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