User insight

Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of observation, task analysis, and feedback methodologies to deeply understand user behaviours, needs, and motivations. This empowers us to design and develop digital experiences that resonate with the target audience, resulting in effective and engaging digital experiences.

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Human-centred approach to design

How a person interacts with your services and products is at the heart of good user experience research and design. It's about understanding who they are, their needs, environment, connectivity, how often they interact with you and most importantly, what tasks they are trying to do by understanding intent.

Our team of expert researchers and designers can make your experience more human, a joy to use, and meet peoples’ needs with surprise, delight, simplicity, and elegance.

Whether it's a light touch or a more comprehensive user insight approach you're after, our team approaches every challenge with empathy and curiosity, ensuring the voice of your end user is at the heart of everything we do throughout the lifecycle of a project and beyond.

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UX Metrics: Uncovering Intent with Top Task Analysis

How do you know if you're making it easy for your customers? How do you prioritise what should go on a homepage? How do you make customer-focused decisions around the IA across all your digital platforms? How can you measure the customer experience, customer intent and effectiveness? How can you create hard metrics that communicate the value of the customer experience? How can you develop a reliable, repeatable metric that tracks progress over time? How can you make informed decisions and prioritise what to improve and do next?

We use a human-centred UX metric model that helps us focus on what really matters to your users and reduce complexity. We can help you put meaningful UX metrics in place that goes beyond anonymous click data (Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.) to identify whether a user is succeeding with their tasks and what the barriers are (completion rates) and work systematically to improve the UX with a unique focus on task completion and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

We measure the UX of real users trying to get something done, we understand who your users are (what their intention is, not just their clicks), identify if they succeed with their task and what the barriers are, and work systematically to improve the UX of your product, prioritising IA, UX and design improvements on data and supported research, not opinion.

Performing systematic examinations of user tasks to understand how they interact with digital services. We analyse task flows, identify bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities to optimise the user experience.

Traditional analytics tools (such as Google Analytics and Hotjar) measure human behaviour—what a user does on your website or app. The problem is non-existent content won’t show up in analytics, so if a user is looking for this content, you’ll never know. Focusing on standard metrics (e.g. bounce rates and page visits) often leads to digital teams over-optimising most-visited content, which can be a metric that drives poor decision-making.

We are leading experts in Gerry McGovern’s Top Tasks Management research approach. Top Tasks is a model that helps you focus on what matters, unlock intent, and improve the customer experience and content decision-making. Intent matters. Understanding what someone is trying to do, transforms anonymous click data into rich, easy-to-interpret human behaviour. Knowing why a person visits allows you to estimate whether they are on the right track to complete a task.

Our team can help facilitate a baseline of Top Tasks across your digital ecosystem and introduce an always-on Top Task Indicator (TPI) to measure task completion rates, CSAT, reasons for failure and cost impacts for poor user experiences. TPI is a vital UX Metric that can help you focus on what matters most and prioritise product improvement roadmaps.

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Our user insight services

Surveys and interviews

Gathering qualitative and quantitative data through carefully crafted surveys and interviews. Our team works closely with users to obtain candid feedback and deeper insights into their needs and motivations.

Focus groups

Facilitating focus group sessions to discuss user experiences, preferences, and expectations. These discussions enable us to uncover patterns, identify commonalities, and gather diverse perspectives.

In-person testing

Conducting usability tests to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of digital designs. By observing users as they interact with prototypes, we identify areas of improvement and iteratively refine the solutions to ensure optimal usability.

A/B Testing

Comparing alternative design solutions to determine the most effective approach. By analysing user preferences and behaviour, we continually enhance the user experience and ensure our solutions are tailored to meet the target audience's unique needs.