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Data Hunt mobile app

How do you create a cut-through summer campaign that drives customer engagement and a strong message around network reliability? You turn the entire country into a game.





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2degrees mobile datahunt


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2degrees mobile datahunt

The challenge
Stand out in the crowd

With the lingering urban myth (stoked at every opportunity by the competition) that 2degrees doesn’t have a reliable network and that coverage out of urban centres is sub-optimal, 2degrees needed to demonstrate that its network provides great coverage all over the country.

2degrees is outspent three to one in advertising dollars by the telco giants over the two months of November and December, which account for 20 per cent of annual pre-pay sign-ups and 24 per cent of all handset sales.

Christmas in telco-land is a sea of offers, and 2degrees’ big-spending competitors, Spark and Vodafone, always have sharp handset prices and added-value offers at this critical time when up to 40% of the mobile market considers competitive offers from other telcos and ultimately churns.

The challenge was how to engage an audience of high-value mobile customers across New Zealand in a unique and fun way to entice new high-value customers to the network and encourage existing high-value customers to stick around with 2degrees.

“Our goal was to create an experience that engaged Kiwis right across the country, whether they were on 2degrees or not.”

Carl Jackson

General Manager / Client Partner – Auckland

2degrees mobile datahunt

The solution
Turn the country into a game

The answer was to actively engage New Zealanders with the 2degrees’ network by creating a mobile phone game that gave them more of what they needed – data. And so the 2degrees ‘Data Hunt’ was born.

We turned the entire country into a game and allowed Kiwis to hunt for data. 2degrees ‘Data Hunt’ is believed to have been a world-first marketing innovation. By combining the GPS capability of smartphones with the emerging technology of augmented reality, Catch Design developed a bespoke app that enabled users to hunt down bundles of data and capture them in real time—a clever variation on the user experience made familiar by the Pokémon Go craze. 

We dropped 200 million MBs of mobile data all over New Zealand and made an interactive, GPS-based, augmented reality mobile app to help people collect it.

Over 1,400 ‘Data Pin’ GPS locations were scattered nationwide. 2degrees could carefully select and self-manage these locations. Each location had a live-time data value of up to 1GB.

Kiwis could hunt for data throughout the country using the map and collect a randomised data prize by spinning the 2degrees location pin. We enabled 2degrees to set pin locations using a Google Map GUI to allow exact and safe placement.

Our direct connection to the 2degrees core network enabled instant authentication, allocation of data, SMS notifications and push notifications. This integration meant we could instantly apply data to peoples’ balances. If they weren’t a 2degrees customer, it would be stored against their account and only usable if they ported to the 2degrees network. Players could also take selfies and share their winnings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2degrees mobile datahunt

The results

An incredible 201,000 people (double the stretch target) downloaded the app, rocketing it to the number one position on both the App Store and Google Play. The game itself was played more than five million times.

It created vital cut-through in a busy retail period, reduced churn, and built credibility as a network provider.

Moreover, the game attracted the right players—significant data users with higher-than-average monthly spending. In other words, high-value customers.

Data Hunt won many awards, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Axis Awards, Gold Effie, TVNZ Marketing Award and a Best Design Award finalist.

2degrees mobile datahunt