Case study

ANC Website redesign and build

How does a Kiwi Digital Agency make Australians smile? By delivering a brand new website with world-class self-service capability for Australian National Couriers, of course…

Screenshots of the ANC website.




Professional services

Type of work

  • Websites

What we did

  • User insight
  • Accessibility
  • Design
  • Information architecture
  • Technology and development
  • Testing and assurance


  • Storyblok Headless CMS
Screenshots of the ANC web portal.

The challenge

ANC has been delivering for Australians for over 100 years, providing last-mile delivery services for some of Australia’s most iconic retail brands—Bunnings, IKEA, JB Hifi, Telstra, and many more.

They operate over 1200 vehicles and contract over 1000 Delivery Professionals nationwide. And in 2023, they delivered almost 4 million parcels and packages to Australian customers. It’s a big business operating on a huge scale.

In November 2023, ANC launched a new brand to reflect their ever-increasing focus on Customer Experience, repositioning themselves as the last mile provider that delivers smiles to Australians with every delivery, every day.

Catch was invited to design and build a new website to support this ambitious new brand promise.

But this wasn’t just a simple brochure site, it involved the creation of a complex new self-service portal that would allow customers to control their delivery experience from the moment they make their purchase right up to when the delivery professional arrives at the doorstep.

The solution we designed alongside the ANC Technology team was world-class and has already removed tens of thousands of customer calls per month from the ANC call centre—significantly reducing operational costs and improving customer sentiment at the same time.

Screenshots of the ANC website.

The solution

We built the public website on Storyblok, a modern headless content management system that is feature-rich and scalable, and it’s the perfect solution for a website like ANC’s. It allows our designers to design without compromise. And it’s easy for our developers to bring the design vision to life quickly and efficiently.

Storyblok’s Visual Editor is the perfect solution for client content teams to create beautiful-looking websites. The Composable Content Blocks and Digital Asset Manager allow those teams to construct pages to suit their content needs without developer intervention.

The solution for the self-service portal was a bit more bespoke. We had to integrate with ANC’s proprietary delivery management platform and their suite of custom APIs to make order details and delivery status instantly accessible to customers when they enter a tracking number on the website.

This world-class track and trace technology allows customers to choose their delivery date, add delivery instructions and reschedule deliveries at any time—allowing them to create a personalised delivery experience that meets their needs.

For ANC’s clients, this maximises customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases—crucial in the competitive retail environments they’re operating in right now. Plus, it keeps the total delivery cost down by minimising inbound customer queries through the delivery journey.

Screenshots of the ANC website.

The results

The solution has already been a big hit with customers.

In the first full month after launch, almost 20,000 customers completed a self-service action. That’s 20k calls that customers didn’t have to make to a call centre. During the month, there was a material lift in delivery star ratings (ANC’s CX measure).

For a business that’s all about delivering smiles, this is proof that we created a digital solution that added substance to the brand promise and genuine value to both the business and the customer.

We loved working with the ANC Technology team to deliver these exceptional CX and commercial outcomes. We’re looking forward to delivering millions more smiles to our Australian friends for years to come.

Screenshots of the ANC website.