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Mobile app

A mobile app that encourages people to repurpose their existing daily habits into a resilience-building preventative practice.



Type of work

  • Mobile apps

What we did

  • Strategy
  • User insight
  • Design
  • Information architecture
  • Technology and development
  • Accessibility
  • Testing and assurance


  • Native iOS
  • Silverstripe CMS
Various screenshots of the IAMMI mobile app.
Image of the IAMMI app.

Simple Habits. Profound Results.

We’re in a global mental health crisis. The WHO reports a 25% increase in global prevalence after the first year of the pandemic.

Other mental health apps require significant new behaviours. IAMMI is an accessible and scalable platform that does not. Instead, it flips existing, everyday habits into life-improving practices. IAMMI is starting with skincare routines because that’s where its story begins.

As a way of coping after her daughter, Olympia, was born with a severe brain injury six years ago, IAMMI founder Mimi Gilmour Buckley began repurposing the empty time she spent washing her face into a self-care practice. In this quiet time, she’d remind herself to focus on what she could control and let go of what she couldn't. As Mimi delved deeper into the science of daily habits while studying her daughter's condition, she discovered why this was having such a profound effect.

IAMMI's mission is to empower individuals to feel more confident and capable in five minutes a day through its innovative ecosystem of products, daily habits, and platforms.

Images of the IAMMI app.
Image of the IAMMI app.

Let's human better, together

IAMMI's skincare line, developed over years of research, comprises seven innovative, results-driven products made in Aotearoa. Designed to be used simultaneously, the free IAMMI app transforms skincare routines into five-minute well-being practices. Leveraging the science of habit stacking, it helps rewire the brain through repeated daily actions. 

The app’s three main areas are:


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) tells us that to truly change how we are feeling, we must first acknowledge our existing emotions. In “My Story”, users identify how they’re feeling, set intentions for how they want to feel, and determine what areas of life they want to feel more in control of. 


Users choose from a ‘Life Bites’ selection, curated from their answers to “My Story.” Life Bites are 2-4 minute pieces of audio (contributed by a diverse collective of inspiring people), designed to be listened to during skincare routines. They're a melting pot of personal, practical, hilarious, emotional advice and wisdom, divided into six areas: health, emotions, relationships, career, money and community. Each Life Bite ends with a summary (which can be saved) and a quote (which can be shared to socials). 

Each Life Bite begins with the IAMMI Intention, a series of affirmations that, again drawing on CBT, acts as a daily reminder that we get to choose where we put our energy. It’s also designed to be a grounding moment of peace.


After their Daily Practice, users are prompted to identify their skin health and goals and then served tailored Skinsights (expert-penned recommendations); they can also snap, note and compare pictures to track skin progress.

Images of the IAMMI app.
Images of the IAMMI app.

A problem worth solving

Catch Design is proud to partner with the team at IAMMI in researching, designing, and building this brand-new mobile app.

In a world engulfed in a mental health crisis, IAMMI is a pioneering force, offering an inclusive and practical approach. By seamlessly integrating mental health practices into daily routines and leveraging small, consistent actions, IAMMI empowers individuals to take control of their mental well-being and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Images of the IAMMI app.