Pae Hokohoko | Marketplace Approved Supplier

Catch Design is an approved supplier on Pae Hokohoko | Marketplace, which means we can offer services and products directly to registered New Zealand government agencies.

Catch Design is an approved supplier of the following services:

Information Architecture

Discoverability and closing the findability gap are at the core of our IA services. This connects customer needs and top tasks to business goals and takes an evidence-driven approach to content strategy and IA creation.

User Insight

Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of observation, task analysis, and feedback methodologies to deeply understand user behaviours, needs, and motivations.

Visual Design

We design award-winning digital products and customer experiences that are beautiful and functional, which solve real problems and help our clients establish, grow and nurture their connections with customers.

Native Application Development

Whether you're looking to develop a new app or improve one that already exists, our world-class team can help. We build mobile apps in native iOS and Android and cross-platform technologies such as React Native. Each approach has unique benefits—it's about choosing the right solution to meet your needs. Our team will partner with you to figure out the right direction.

Front-end Development

Our team excels in delivering web standard compliant and accessible front-end development services. We specialise in responsive, mobile-friendly development and are adept in languages such as CSS, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript. Our expertise also covers SEO and performance optimisation, CMS integration, and the implementation of visual design style guides, guaranteeing both functionality and aesthetic excellence in our projects.

Back-end Development

Our team specialises in server-side programming with a diverse range of languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, .Net, and SQL. We have extensive expertise in CMS integration, template mark-up, and database tie-ins, ensuring seamless and efficient content management systems. Additionally, our team is proficient in API and native application integration, enhancing the functionality and interactivity of our applications. We are also committed to developing secure applications, adhering strictly to OWASP guidelines and NZISM standards, to ensure the highest level of security and reliability.

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